Last updated 2 years ago


There are two types of timeouts.

  1. Timeouts between your servers and Rebilly.
  2. Timeouts between Rebilly and the payment gateway.

Timeout on Rebilly Requests

Be prepared to handle connection and timeout errors.
Don't assume the request was not received and actioned by Rebilly.

Most requests you would make, if properly planned, will be risk-free to resend.

If you include a requestId with the Transaction request, Rebilly will not duplicate charge a customer.

Downstream Timeout

If there is a timeout when Rebilly is processing a transaction, we may return a result unknown and a status timeout.
Rebilly will automatically attempt to determine the result by querying the downstream payment gateway. In the event that Rebilly can determine the result, it will send a webhook to the notification url supplied with the request.