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Tutorial Intro

In this tutorial, we'll interact with the API to complete an order in 4 steps:

  1. create a payment token
  2. upsert a customer
  3. upsert an order
  4. pay for the order's invoice

This tutorial will take about 15 minutes.

To do this, you should have already gone through the Getting Ready prerequisites.


This guide will demonstrate an integration to power an order form. Rebilly's API has over 300 operations. You'll only need to utilize a handful to power an order form.

Our goal is for you to learn how to utilize the Rebilly API.

To help, this documentation is written using a real client merchant, like you.

Our Client, Redocly

Meet Redocly.

Redocly makes API documentation software (in fact, the very page you're reading is powered by them). They have a "pro" version of their software and plan to charge small businesses $300 per month. They also have enterprise versions, but we won't need those for this tutorial.

They do also offer one-time services, to review API definitions, for $375.

Other Use Cases

Redocly wants to have an order form for new customers to purchase.

In addition, Redocly wants to have a billing portal, where their clients can self-service:

  • manage their card on file
  • see invoice history
  • change address info
  • cancel their subscription
This guide only covers the "order" use case. If you would like to see this guide expanded to cover additional use cases, please let us know