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Websites (and Organizations)

When you sign up, your account is created with one organization and website.
You will need the website ID for making API requests (named websiteId within most resources).

To find your website Id, first go to Settings --> Organizations & Websites.

Organizations and Websites Settings

Click on the organization. Then, from the organization detail screen, you can find your website(s) and website ID.

Organizations and Websites Settings

Multi-Organization & Multi-Website

Rebilly's architecture allows for multiple organizations and websites managed from a single account. A website belongs to one and only one organization.

You can read more about organizations and websites in our help docs.

Behavior Scoping

Certain core resources are scoped to the website (which belongs to an organization). By scoped, we mean that it is limited to the specific universe related to the website. So when an invoice is being paid, it must occur on a gateway account associated with that corresponding website.

Other core resources are not scoped. This tutorial will cover:

  • customers -- not scoped
  • payment instruments -- not scoped
  • orders/subscriptions -- scoped
  • invoices -- scoped
  • transactions -- scoped

Gateway accounts are scoped to specific websites too.

This means you need to pick a strategy to store the `websiteId`(s), and pick the appropriate one for the API request. If you only have one website, like in our demo, then you can store it like any insensitive data. This is not a security credential.
Unless you are operating a multi-national or multi-brand operation, then you are probably fine with one website. We won't spend more time on this concept, as it's application is more rare.

Watch how to find your websiteId in under 1 minute.

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