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API Keys

Your API key is required for authentication to the API. Each API request requires some kind of authentication. For this type of integration, we would recommend using a private key.

You can find your API key by logging into Rebilly, and then going to the API Keys page.

We would recommend making two new dedicated keys for your integration's purpose. The key's description is used within API Audit Logs and Timeline messages. We'll use the name "Redocly App" for our secret key, and "Redocly Checkout Form" for our publishable key.

Include an HTTP header named REB-APIKEY with each API request to complete authentication, with a header like:

REB-APIKEY: yourprivatekeyhere

Learn how to generate your secret and publishable API keys within 2 minutes here:

Before you continue

  • Did you generate your API secret key?
  • Did you generate your API publishable key?

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